Vantage Products Ltd. manufactures and supplies stainless steel products to the catering industry, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, mortuaries and funeral directors.

Not wishing to commit to an expensive bespoke product website, they were keen to utilise off-the-shelf technologies that could provide a fast, effective and low-cost website.

WordPress is one of the most popular website creation platforms, powering about a third of all websites. It has over 60% market-share of websites that use an admin area for content and product changes. I used a popular commercial ‘theme’ that includes some of the best features around, like ‘responsive design elements’ that ensures the website adapts to, and looks good on, a number of different devices (computers, tables, smart phones).

With a multitude of different layout and styling options, it takes a design-eye to consider all of the product content and information in order to design layouts that show them at their best. Other features like product categorisation, related products and datasheets were incorporated. I also integrated an eCommerce feature – yet to go live in phase two.

I used the best elements from the commercial theme to ensure things like website navigation and layouts were optimised for great user-experience. I also chose an appropriate colour palette to tie-in with the overall company branding.

At the start of the project, there was a limited number of existing product images to incorporate and use as a style-guide. I photographed the remainder of their large range. My extensive commercial experience working with highly reflective products enabled me to produce a series of images that look vibrant and professional.

The website exceeded the client’s expectations and it was a very successful project to work on.