Mario Testino - The Macallan Masters of Photography

Macallan Masters of Photography

The Macallan Master of Photography series this year features stunning images by world renowned fashion photographer Mario Testinio. Macallan have chosen six unique whiskey casks from over 200,000 maturing at the Macallan distillery, bringing together the characters and aromas of each cask to create the perfect, limited edition, single malt whiskey. Mario Testino has personified the individual characteristics of the six casks in his photography – and has also worked closely with Macallan on the design of the 1,000 numbered, asian inspired, lacquered presentation boxes for sale world wide.

This is the first time Macallan have collaborated with the photographer in design and presentation of their product. The results are stunning! A great example of how photography encompasses so much more than images alone. It illustrates the importance of considering a project as a whole, and how bringing all the individual elements together – photography, product and design – can yield outstanding results.

This approach can be applied to all size projects, from brochure to website design. A clear brief with room for artistic interpretation, good planning, collaboration and communication, in my opinion, all form essential parts of a successful project.


Albert Watson - The Macallan Masters of Photography - Image 01

The Macallan Masters of Photography – image by Albert Watson


This is the fifth year of The Macallan Masters of photography. Previous collaborations have featured work by Elliott Erwitt, Annie Leibovitz, Rankin and Albert Watson. I particularly like the photographs by Albert Watson which show the journey of the wood used in their whiskey casks from the forests of northern Spain to The Macallan’s spiritual home in Speyside.

Explore The Macallan Masters of Photography website and be inspired!


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