Homeless Fonts

Homeless Fonts

Homeless Fonts is a wonderful initiative by the Arrels Foundation to help the homeless. The Foundation has set up a website – Homelessfonts.org – where you can buy unique fonts for use in advertising and marketing projects, which have been created from the hand-written signs of people living on the streets in Barcelona.

The Foundation invites homeless people to workshops where samples of their handwriting is photographed and converted into a typeface. A good example of how photography can play a vital part in the creative process.

Homeless Fonts - Photographing handwriting


Homeless Fonts - Cleaning up the font

I love the simple, clean design of the Homelessfonts.org website. The impactful use of video and beautiful black & white photography really engages, and gives us an insight into these people’s backgrounds and life stories. Knowing who they are also adds personality and understanding to the typefaces they have created.

Homeless Fonts - Creators

Homeless Fonts - Loraine's font

The Homeless Fonts project is run by volunteers and currently has ten designers who have given up their own time to help with the digitalisation process. It takes around two and a half months to create a finished font. Inspiring!

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