Wedding photography – B&W or Colour?

When it comes to wedding photography my clients sometimes ask if I can shoot in black & white and colour. The answer is yes, but there is no need to change the camera settings in order to do so, and ultimately all the images are shot in colour. The black & white conversion is done later when colour balancing and retouching the photos.

So how do I choose which photos to convert to black and white?

With my wedding photography I aim to tell a story of the day, capturing the mood, details, people and emotions. The bride and groom will have spent a long time making sure every detail is perfect, from the flowers to the colour of the table decorations. These details set the mood for the whole day – and are things you will want to remember. The wedding dress, bridal bouquet, the wedding cake… are all, in my opinion, better shot in colour.

Black and white photography, on the other hand, allows you to loose the detail and focus more on the emotion of a moment. Your eye is not distracted by colourful objects and you can appreciate form and texture more. I find black & white images have a certain calmness about them, a lovely timeless quality.

There is certainly a place for both colour and black & white in wedding photography. Here are a couple of examples – Which images do you prefer?


Colour - Black & White comparison

Colour - Black & White comparison